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A person you'll regret never meeting, miss without ever even meeting, and a person you'll never want having your twitter account. For a girl who trolls so hard, she hardly looks like one. She's gorgeous but to humble to brag. She's a genius and will go far. To lose an Eliani is to lose purpose. She occasionally orbits around other people depending on how much sass they have. An amateur at photoshop but a pro in effort. She carries a passion for animals and reading. She don't need no person telling her wut to do.
Mario: Eliani, I know you're amazing and everything but you should start on that project that's due tomorrow.
Eliani: Stfu, mario, I do wut I want.
by LauraPoo November 18, 2012
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A girl who fakes a smile all the time. People always treat her like the bitch. She’s the target for everyone to hurt. A very unique person. Not fake at all even if you think. And never talks shit bc she’s loyal. So basically a “herself “ person. She’s beautiful inside and outside!
Person: look how ugly she is.

Elianis: ....walks away being defined
by Elianis December 10, 2017
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