n. An act of cultural vandalism, Originates from the actions of Thomas Bruce 7th Earl of Elgin, in removing much of the sculpture from the Parthenon in the early C19 to decorate his house in Scotland. Debts later forced him to sell the above sculptures to the British Museum where they become known as the Elgin Marbles.
Also Fr. Elginisme
The Cuneiform tablets available on Ebay are yet another example of unchecked Elginism in the 21st century.
by Ma8iou October 4, 2004
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The largest city Northwest of Chicago. It is home of the Elgin watches, with 11 companies nation-wide. Has 3 public High schools: Elgin High, Larkin High, and Gifford Street High/ Central (for the little bad ass teenagers). Elgin has a community college. People from Elgin/ Elginites, get along very well with people from Carpentersville, Rockford, Bensenville, Waukegan, and Chicago. Now just like any other large city Elgin has a high crime rate. Elgin also has a very nice side of town and a very grimey side of town. Also known as the cutt. In around the 70's gangs started getting big in Elgin. As of now the MLD's "run" Elgin. People might also know Elgin by its nicknames like: Evil~E, HellGin, Da Gin, Da ELG & Da E~Town. Now people who never lived in Elgin should never look down on Elgin. It has upcoming musicians, athletes etc. I will always love Elgin this is my hometown. I'm repping Da Evil~E like a mascot!
Where u from boi??
Evil~E/Elgin born n Bred.
Riiite Riiite..
by purplekushleaf May 25, 2009
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HE DADDY MATERIAL I'D YOU GOT A MAN WITH THIS NAME! He doesn't take any shit and stands up for himself. He always takes care of his girl and doesn't mess with fake friends; and he always keeps a tight circle of real people by his side. So if you in that circle.. you lucky af.
Person 1: You mean Elgin? Bet!
Person 2: Yeah he my daddy since we dating now!
Person 1: Ugh fr?! You lucky af.
by RealLifeChill January 11, 2018
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A ghetto ass city in Illinois with a whole bunch of hispanics and blacks. Has a east side and a west side. West sides bad but the east side is where all the tweaks, hoes, alchoholics & gangstas are. It has a poulation of about 150,000 people and about 90,000 are criminals. Theres about a killing every other week. But even though with all this crap in this city I still love it.
Person1:Bitch you don't wanna fuck wit me I'm from Waukegan.
Person2:And nigga I'm from Elgin/Da Evil~E
Person1:Iight den..koo koo
Person2:Datz wut I thought lil' bitch ass nigga.
by datrandomnigga March 16, 2009
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The ghettoest city about 30 minutes out-side da CHI.About 80% of da population is gangbangaz.If you come to Elgin atleast carry a piece!
Elgin nigga: Wuddup jo'?
Random nigga: Wuddup, where u from?
Elgin nigga: Elgin.
Random nigga: Here just take all my money!!
by killakanesquad March 15, 2009
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one of the most ghettoest suburbs of chicago after aurora. Alot of mexicans live here and gangs
"where are you from?"
"because im poor."
by blalallas July 8, 2006
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The worst player of all time, not even coming close to LeBron James or Michael Jordan
by Elginhatepage May 11, 2022
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