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A person who gots a big mouth. Similar to a snitch.
Banga: Aye jo' u see dat crib up ova dere?
Trick: Yeah why?
Banga: Me n my niggaz jacked da bitch yesterday!
Trick: Aye I'll be back. (beep beep beep) Yes I want to report a burgalery.
by killakanesquad March 15, 2009
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847 is the area code to Northwestern Chicago cities.Including:
Elgin/ Evil~E
Carpentersville/ C~Ville
Hanover Park
Streamwood/ Da woodz
St. Charles
Prospect Heights
8fo7er: Where u from jo'?
773er: 773. U?
8fo7er: Da Evil~E in da 8fo7.
773er: Aye I heard yall niggaz in da 847 be havin sum bomb ass weed?
8fo7er: Fa'sho cum thru n I sho wut itz all 'bout.
by killakanesquad March 15, 2009
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The ghettoest city about 30 minutes out-side da CHI.About 80% of da population is gangbangaz.If you come to Elgin atleast carry a piece!
Elgin nigga: Wuddup jo'?
Random nigga: Wuddup, where u from?
Elgin nigga: Elgin.
Random nigga: Here just take all my money!!
by killakanesquad March 15, 2009
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