A local street gang in the country of Dominica in the West Indies. This gang has territory around the Ross University Medical school campus. They use coercive grips to extort and launder money while price gouging students.

They uniform of attire is jean shorts and knee high crew socks. They are known for selling curry coke all over campus and harassing the female students.

If seen simply say no to their offers, they are usually harmless unless challenged in which case they will stop at no limit leaving storms of dust and destruction.

Originally coined in late 2010 by UrbanMD
Prices are so high on these sodas because the element is price gouging by crippling any competition.

Photogrl: OMG what happened to your face?
YZF600: Element jacked me behind KFC!
Photogrl: Wow, they always yell fat ass at me.
by Owl Manning April 03, 2011
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the hot new rap/r&b sensation out of CT.
Element's bustin' out with his new single "I am the Greatest."
by HEISTHEGREATEST June 18, 2008
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A kick ass, striped down rock band from St. Paul Minn
Element rocks your twatty
by atom wilson March 08, 2005
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The type of people you'll see in that neighborhood are the element....scary and nasty!
by Unsunus August 12, 2010
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Pronunciation - Ele - Men - Tal

An elemental is a mythical creature which is related to a specific element of matter ( fire, earth, wind, water. ), usually they have humanlike qualities such as limbs; in some cases they have a face. In most mythology, elementals are activated by mages, not by themselves and serve the mage as a guardian and/or servant. Some elementals are displayed as ancient guardians of powerful artefacts or relics.
The crude stone slowly began to take form, growing crooked legs and arms as it rose its crippling body upward. Parts of its own body snapping off as it took full shape, lunging its mutilated arm forward. An earth elemental.
by Estragon April 21, 2008
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If you people actually took AP chemistry, you'd know what an element really is.
Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Berillium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon, ect.
by no name given January 16, 2004
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