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A very large stair set in California. Only the most expert skateboarders/bladers can make it down the handrail or the set.
Dude, I can't imagine anyone doing an ollie down El Toro, but it has been done.
by Ricky Benda May 23, 2005
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A high school in Orange County, Ca that is referred to by skaters because of its large staircase and previously minimal security.
After he messed up that move at El Toro his face has never been the same.
by Geekface Glasses August 28, 2008
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When your having sex with your girlfriend and you are hitting it from the back lean over and wrap your arms around her waist then whisper in her ear and say I have aids hold on for as long as you can because she will be flopping around like a bull.
el toro is fun TO DO AT ALL TIMES
by Robert Rodgers January 16, 2008
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This definition of the El Toro is having the girl rest their head on the backboard of a bunk bed on the bottom bunk...with the man on top of her breasts holding onto the top bunk and thrusting his penis down her throat. Meanwhile all the mans friends crown around and cheer.
El Toro New Years 2007
by Shaman warrior December 03, 2009
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i think it's a big ledge in california that people like to skate. don't quote me though. I know for sure that it's a skate spot, but I'm not 100% positive on the location
I heard some kid say something like, "Yeah, I kickflip bluntslid El Toro first try but we didn't get it on tape."
by karl September 09, 2004
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