Ekene is a fair igbo boy, tall and 80% handsome. He can be annoying at times but is usually very caring and sweet. He is shy at times but truly knows how to get along with the ladies. He is very smart but acts like he's not and would never want to see a friend in trouble.
I'm bored and need an Ekene to light up my mood... he's truly a sunlight ☀ 😙
by Reenahh July 2, 2018
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A Nigerian name for both sexes which means thanks. It is usually short for a lot of other names. Examples
Ekenedilichukwu - Thanks be to God
Ekenemchukwu - I thank my God.

Ekene is a very popular name in the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria.
Ekene is very humble, he claims not to be a genius.
by itzken101 May 5, 2014
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Ekene is a word for a quite and intelligent person that tries his best to avoid public attention.Ekene's are also usually very intelligent and fun when u get to know them.
Ekene is very easy to talk to
by 123 denise December 23, 2020
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Sum like that nigga in other words a Ekene is that nigga.
by Younghitta October 22, 2019
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Ekene is a Nigerian name for a girl that means "thanks be to god". The girl is usually beautiful, nice, hot, athletic, and smart. She gets all the guys. Also the name of a very succesful celebri
My girlfriends an Ekene and she is soo nice to everyone, and so hot!
by KingsleyGirl322 August 14, 2011
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A nice guy who is also a sly bastard....really nice person, helpful, but annoying
Being an Ekene is not easy
by nerdy teken March 15, 2016
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Eken is a pop and everiboti likes him or he thinks sso ha has a small ass and hi know were to find the girls ass his name is often leo and gprskola
Oh you ara e eken
by Bajs korv December 12, 2016
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