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A hot scottish girl. She is the most badass girl you'll ever meet. The best! Kiss Ass! Juan thinks she's the best. So she is.
that girl over there is rather Eilidh. She makes me go crazy! She has a nice rack and butt.

A hot girl in Bangladesh is very Eilidh.
by TheBestColombianDude October 07, 2009
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The theory that if a woman had sex with an guy who is ok at sex right after having sex with a midget, the sex will be even more amazing with the next normal guy. The big bang theory also has a sub theory that you must divide the seconds of sex by the midget's age and multiply that by two and add the number of the normal guy's age to get the "Fucking Density".
The Big Bang Theory explains the "Fucking Density" which is as follows:

30-midget's age
35-normal dude's age
500-seconds of sex with midget

500/30 x 2 + 35= 68.34

68.34 is the "Fucking Density" in this case.
by TheBestColombianDude October 08, 2009
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