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When you are having sex with a female this is the sound
Female: Eh Eh
by Chow72 May 09, 2018
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Used to emphasis emotions such as anger or excitment ..!
PERSON:1 "say homes is that big zoot in the ashtray for me ..?

PERSON:2 "eh-eh" ,touch my precious spliff and i will merk u ..

PERSON:3 "yo man rinse fm is on" ...!

PERSON:1 "eh-eh" u know i can be missin that shit turn that shit up" ..!
by Fire B..* April 03, 2005
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Give me that, give me some, let me have that. Gimme!
Eh eh. "Here you can have the rest of my Dr. Pepper." Eheh. "What?" Eheh. "Fine u can have my ice too."
by Mac The Ripper September 27, 2012
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When you have nothing else to say, but you want to let the person know I heard you. OR When you hear something you like and words can not express the thing you feel. Pronunciation(do this while sticking your tounge out) Eh-heh. Stick your tongue out where the hyphen is.
"That guy was hella fine"
,Bethany Said
"Eheh" Mona shrieked
by JOABSO June 13, 2017
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Phrase usually uttered when you say something profound or you cut a person down.
"Oh! you're gay? EhEh you cocksucker!"
by PickMyScabs January 12, 2006
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An annoying noise you here when you play with you friend in PlayStation he won’t shut up . Also a famous black ops 3 clan
Me:” Hey give me that”
Friend :”EhEh
by Guero the savage February 28, 2018
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