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a generic name for an overworked, oversexed, edgy, extremely creative Ritalin bitch.
guy 1: you going over to Efrat mate?
guy 2: yeah mate, she's told to be the best in the market ain't she
guy 1: Careful ol' chap. She can eat you alive.
by Matans May 23, 2011
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smart, can be quiet but completely insane at the same time... pretty. many pple like efrats and their creativity and outgoing personality.
i like the name efrat...
by tracy allen September 02, 2012
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also known as feededeeded and pi kappa E-frat. comes from the latin word "efratdisiac" which translates as "dayam"
hooooooooot diggidy efrat
by kelley December 08, 2004
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