The kind of guy who’s nice but WILL NOT give you the last piece of gum
Oh yeah eese is a freakin dope dude
by Jim gallery May 28, 2020
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Word used mainly in Group A Zimbabwean schools to mean struggling/ in pain
Ah oan, Nda you're eesing in life. Take a rest.
by Oasis motors February 10, 2020
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A common expression of excitement upon the receipt of cheese or free money such as government benefits or student loan.
"Chigedy che-eese, Minetti! Me and The Hoss are gettin the drinks in tonight now are loans came through"
by Prof. Palfrey April 15, 2006
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To be in complete and utter pain. Or extreme struggling.
Ah Sarah I'm eeseing with this disease
by Baby joelee September 21, 2021
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