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A city in Ohio known for being more worthless than a pile of shit.
Ew, no way are we going to Ashtabula.
by shylzbfkkjbyjbgfyu March 17, 2011
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An ugly ass, a nasty ass. A reference to the "city" of Ashtabula in Ohio and its ugly ass inhabitants. Can also be used to describe an ugly blemish or physical flaw.
Dude, I've got this wicked Ashtabula growing under my balls!
by :sco: July 02, 2010
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A shithole town in Northeast Ohio that you have to make up party organizations to have fun in. See carpe noctem 3.
A car with no wheels. That's a metaphor. We have all the parts, and maybe at one point in time we could have been cool, but then we fucked up.
by Carpe Noctem March 28, 2005
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pretty much the shittiest place in ohio. where you cann't drive down the street without almost hitting some white trash asshole walking down the middle of the road holding 5 save-a-lot bags. where the biggest and most exciting store in town is super walmart. where the only thing to do on a friday night is go bowling or to b-dubs. thank god it's only an hour from cleveland.
If you ever have the opportunity to move out of Ashtabula, TAKE IT!
by bula hater May 07, 2006
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A town full of niggers, spics, and poor ass white trash. Its law enforcement is corrupt along with its politicians. This town was once a great place to live but has since been over run by ignorant assholes! If you dont like to work and want to live off the system, then bula is the place for you. Want to sell drugs and steal, want to own a shit house, want to see more inter-racial couples then anywhere else...well come on down to A town.
This movie about Africa reminds me of Ashtabula.
by whiteright November 02, 2011
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