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A guy who is smart good looking and very funny but is to giving and has a big heart also very money hungry and usually becomes very successful later on in life
Man that guy is so lucky he's such an eddis
by Allah him self March 14, 2017
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An extremely pretty girl who most guys would kill for, she's smart, beautiful and likes great stuff, essentially the perfect girl in all respects.
Guy: Man my friend she's such an Eddi i'd love to get with her.

2nd Guy: Really Wow Can I Meet Her?
by DANCEMASTERAFRO April 18, 2009
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Eddi is the word we use to describe a lesbian who pretends she's not a lesbian. But in fact is. This slang is used mostly in the south. It's pronounced just like Eddie.
Ugh, Kaitlyn is such a eddi!
by um idk pseudonym whatever April 04, 2009
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