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Ed, Edd and Eddy is a TV show that airs on Cartoon network, it centres around 3 young boys with the same name, Eddy is a money-hungry pursepincher who tries his best efforts at scamming people out of their cash, which more than often ends in disaster, Edd aka (Double 'D') is the brains of the outfit who helps Eddy in most cases with his plethora of money-grabbing plots, and Ed is the brawn and heavy lifter who also serves as the main comic relief after a plan has ended disastrously.

Despite the nature of the 3 main characters it has been well received among viewers even without any educational value, and airs to this day, though new episode production has ground to a halt. It has 6 seasons and a total of 65 Episodes not including the four special episodes and a movie.
Kid: Ed, edd and eddy is awesome!
Parent: Thas nice, have you learned anything from it?
Kid: Ummmm...
by BizarreMonkey January 13, 2012
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