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A real smart dude. One of the founding fathers of string theory or superstring theory or M-Theory or some theory involving strings. Nearly became an economist, but saw the light.

Basically, cross between Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman and a supercomputer.

Ed Witten is a god-like figure in the Theoretical Physics world.
Ed Witten's a genius. Bet he gets all kinds of girls.

Geeeez, my Tv's broken again. I bet Ed Witten could work out how to fix it.

"What's a Calabi-Yau Threefold"?

"Bro, Ask Ed Witten"

Ed Witten's brain is so powerful that he can compute the last digit of pi while doing my long division homework.

Not even Ed Witten could work out how to score with Julie.
by MacroBlaster February 25, 2012
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(i) A Theoretical Physicist at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton who specializes in String Theory. Widely regarded as Einstein's successor, he is unquestionably a genius.
(ii) A person of super-human intellect.
(iii) A synonym for genius.
- B+ in Calculus? No Ed Witten, but not bad.
- Ha! Look at Joey trying get Christie's number. Doesn't take an Ed Witten to tell him that she's out of his league.
- Oxford is full of mini Ed Wittens.
by WhiteAndNerdy February 25, 2012
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(i) According to Time Magazine (and Wikipedia) he's the greatest Physicist in the world at this point. Instrumental in developing string theory and known for his planet sized brain.

(ii) Synonym for a dumbass
Dude, how did you figure out how to get Christie's Number?

I asked Ed Witten, he figured it out.

Nice work Ed Witten! Now my car smells of ten day old guacamole and burritos.
by MixMasterMax March 07, 2012
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Theoretical Physicist at the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton. In 2004, Time magazine wrote that Witten was "generally considered the greatest theoretical physicist in the world."

Most people consider him to be Einstein's successor.

He's a really smart guy: developed much of string theory.
Dang it! Even Ed Witten couldn't figure out how to use this remote control.

"What's String Theory?"
"Ask Ed Witten, dumbass"
by Iknownothingabouteverything February 26, 2012
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