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Free Market Capitalism, a form of Social Darwinism predicated on the ability to obtain capital, wherein companies and corporations compete in a Darwinian market that favors whatever is best for business.
In theory Capitalism (Economic Darwinism) is supposed to be regulated by the consumer, but most consumers are lazy and apathetic and the majority of them are probably idiots, as evidenced by the survival of Electronic Arts and the success of the Twilight Saga.
by HighFunctioningSociopath September 14, 2011
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A population control method. Whereby everyone is sterilized at birth. When they can afford to reverse the procedure they have proven themselves ready and fit to reproduce.
If people are serious about population control they will need to decide between economic darwinism or some other method that may be race or religion based.
by Angatkuq January 26, 2011
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