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The concept of 'survival of the fittest' as applied to human societies.

In essence it is the belief that it is harmful to society to help those who are physically, intellectually, or economically disadvantaged. The belief that those members of society should be allowed to die off in order to strengthen the gene pool.
The Nazis believed that those races that they determined to be inferior should be systematically eradicated in order to prevent the dilution and weakening of the Aryan race, which they deemed superior. This may be the largest application of the concept of 'social Darwinism.'
by wordmanword September 26, 2009
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The belief that since anyone is capable of having children, society is not evolving. Social darwinists believe that anyone who's genes do not contribute to the well being of society should be sterilized.
Not allowing retards to have children is social darwinism
by phili January 15, 2004
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A widely circulated belief that human evolution will sort itself through the actions or inactions of stupid individuals eliminating themselves from the gene pool. Mean while the prude, wise actions of society as a whole cause them to adapt, survive and evolve.

The idea is very similiar to the so called, "Darwin Awards" where people get awarded for doing stupid actions that eliminate them from the genetic pool. 1000 ways to die as seen on Spike TV is a really good example of this at work.
A guy is speeding around in traffic while people on the road look on at him thinking what is wrong with that guy? Another knows and he is thinking that's social darwinism at work..he deserves a darwin award
by honestguy87110 July 19, 2009
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The pseudoscience of choice for ignorant people that hate poor people and hippies.
Social Darwinism has a much scientific backing as crystals and anti vaxxers.
by Darwinmisunderstood June 07, 2017
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