Finding your spouse's lips in complete darkness of a bedroom after making kissing sounds.
Echolocation is a known phenomenon by which bats identify their prey
by Nika123 October 7, 2012
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When you are sexually attracted to the noise that bats, dolphins and whales make.
Dolphin: EEEEE eee-Ee-Eeeeeee-eee
Me(with Echolocation Kink): Damn shawty ok !!
by acertaz3r May 6, 2021
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The process used to locate a nerd within a reasonable proximity by sending a text, email or other type of social media message. The sound alert you hear is almost always associated with a video game sound or music. This is most effective in a home or office setting.
"Hey do you know where Matt is?"

"I not sure. Have you tried Nerd Echolocation yet?"

"Let me see here. I will sent him a text and tweet" click click click

"Oh, he is in the break room. I just heard the Mario 1-UP sound and Legend of Zelda theme song come from that direction."
by azmike80 February 14, 2013
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The ability of an Asian to sense a fellow Asian.
Due to Asian-echolocation, she knew her Asian friend had entered the room.
by banny bebez April 27, 2018
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