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A generally nice girl, who isn't doing too well. But she always puts up a smile and is willing to help, unless she is around her friend. She will like one guy for a while, and will not stop talking about him once she admits to you she likes him. She isn't patient but is very funny. She is a joy to be around but will hurt you for no reason.
Eby loves Macon! Don't mess with Eby, she will hurt you!
by heygirlypop January 18, 2019
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VERB: To use an unnecessarily big/complex/obscure word in an everyday conversation.

NOUN: A big/complex/obscure word in an everyday conversation

"Hey man, I heard you use the word 'juxtapose' to that girl over there."
"Yeah dude, I eby'd that conversation like crazy."


"I like to go to the park and be a pariah by throwing the frisbee to myself"

"Sean, you're so incessant"

"I tried talking to that kid, but he just kept throwin' out ebies left and right"
by phat n C June 06, 2006
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To use words outside of your vocabulary in situations where they are not needed. To over complicate, dehumanize, insult, and berate someone that doesn't care in the slightest what you have to say.
"You'll enjoy this...~EBY", "I guess what I'm trying to say...~EBY", "This was before your time...~EBY", "The variances are stable...~EBY","It then becomes more of an academic discussion...~EBY"
by R.Derris.411 April 14, 2008
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