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A man you can count on, he is always by your side and will continue to be a living legend.

Ebrahim is the guy you can trust
I wish i had a friend like Ebrahim
by Phantom_Nytmare July 06, 2014
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Very kind man, he is a living legend you can also count on him, he is the most handsome man on this planet he is a person you can count on.
i want a friend like ebrahim hes so handsome
by Ebrahimshanti2006 January 29, 2018
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Words are not enough to describe an Ebrahim.

He captivates you from the moment you start speaking to him. He's sweet, kind and warm and reminds you of sunflowers - bright, beautiful and brings a smile to your face. If you had to associate a colour with him, it would be yellow, because that's exactly what he represents. He is sunshine, contentment and never-ending hope. When he speaks, it brings serenity to your mind and his laugh can make flowers bloom in your heart. Getting to know an Ebrahim is something everyone should do once in their lifetime.

Ebrahims are naturally funny. It's almost as if humour is encoded into their DNA. They can make you laugh no matter how sad you are, and that's their most endearing quality. They can be slightly (pronounced: very) annoying at times, but it's just one of the ways they show their love. It is almost impossible to hate an Ebrahim.

Don't let go of an Ebrahim. If you have one, love him forever
Ebrahim is the coolest kid on the block.
by s.tonin May 26, 2019
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He is the best he can destroy anyone such as: yazan, zaid, abdullah q, karim al m, usef d, ali ar, ali h and many other people. He is really strong nd a really really really really really probably the most handsome on this planet he is amazing.
i would love to have a friend like ebrahim .... Ebrahim bas ill ba2y koolo khas
by Ebrahimshanti2006 May 29, 2018
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he is such a good guy.. he is always competing against me... when he writes smth he says... I FINISHED
Ali: did u finish?
Ebrahim: of course. im ebrahim
by 123jgrvf May 29, 2018
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