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Something disgusting, or just a general answer to something anyone says. if nobody answers 'EAW!'
Just a general answer to anything really.
Can be said in shock to somebodys question or statment.
Bryony - :O Don't you Eaw me!
Kerry - EAW! I can't believe you just said that!
Bryony - Eaw! That is so heavy..
by Bryony McEwan March 02, 2008
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A short for the "Star Wars: Empire at War", which is actually the best RTS I have ever played
1)A: k, lets kick some asses in eaw now
B: lol, kk

2)A: some1 host a game please
B: space or land?
A: space sucks, make a land one
B: kk

5 minutes later...

B: why wouldnt you join the game dude?
A: because you fuckin on foc, not on eaw
by Am I Fluffy?! June 09, 2009
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