When you are not hungry but you still eat because you want to chew.
You can’t chew on gum, because you are so bored that your you want more than one body part to be engaged!
You can’t get up an move because your muscles have become one with the sofa!

Only way to kill boredom is chewing and digesting while not moving.
Hey buddy. I am eaty. Please make me some low calorie food.

Best time to get eaty is when you are on a lousy date with a boring lady where Netflix and chill is not an option!
by NotSoImpHuman February 3, 2023
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An aficionado of the act of eating and a celebrant of tasty food. The food need not be gourmet, have specialized preparation, nor scientific combinations, but simply be satisfying.
"I can't eat burgers unless they come from a restaurant reviewed by Bobby Flay- I'm too much of a foodie."

"Really, I eat burgers anywhere nearby. A medium rare chunk of meet with cheese is amazing. I'm too much of an eatie."
by eat_for_smiles October 6, 2009
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Eaties the female version of Blowies, Oral sex performed on a lady or someone in possession of a vagina
I was said blowies all around for whoever brought the beer but it was a girl so eaties all around.
by ProfNo November 8, 2018
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The great "Eaty Creety" is the Top 1 nyammiest member in the Nymma Squad 101, he is often known as the King of Nyams,Bowcow,Jaden White and Steven Thomas
Today we saw "Eaty Creety" eating out a gyal
by Hehebhai January 15, 2021
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Yes eaty eat mama
by erbufwdjlnek;a?SL"XM September 26, 2021
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