A metaphor for attempting something extremely difficult, with a steep learning curve, or requiring a lot of practice to perfect
Elon Musk compared being an entrepreneur to "eating glass"

"Man, winning the new boss fight is tough. It's like eating glass!"
by Killer DM March 9, 2019
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An obsolete term for smoking a cigarette; cigarette's used to have Fiberglass filters, hence the term.
"I really need to go eat glass in my break."

"Eating glass can kill you."
by Jordan-ray July 15, 2006
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Get mad rebounds. Mostly used by 2K players.
Which basketball position should get the most rebounds?
Dennis Rodman , a power forward, could eat glass as good as anyone else.

Wilt Chamberlain, a center, has the most rebounds.
by JJ1010 March 21, 2018
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When you are struggling in 7 Days to Die, so you eat glass to kill yourself and respawn with full hunger, thirst, and health
Im going to eat glass, Ill be right back will full health
by Juulthemuley February 15, 2022
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A term used by people to show what idiots and mongoloids do on their free-time.
"WAH?" -mongoloid
"EAT GLASS!" -idiot
"YEAH!" -mongoloid
by tubajhon June 30, 2013
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a nice way to tell someone to shove it.
idiot, you just cut me off!

maaaan, eat glass and shit it out yo ass. bitch.
by kurticus July 31, 2010
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