Having sex, boning, screwing, fucking, humping, doing the nasty.
I was eating crackers with the entire Olympic men's swim team and fucking crumbled that shit.
by GrossGirl18 August 13, 2016
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Not doing shit, lazy, unproductive.
Jason was supposed to be to work by 9:00, but instead that mother fucker is eating crackers again.
by Yessssss Michigan March 21, 2018
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Everything this person does annoys you, even something as simple as eating crackers.
Taken from the meme, your BEC is that person who you can't stand.
Kim: Look at Erica over there reading that book, so annoying.

Jules: dude, she's just reading, you just think it's annoying because she's your Bitch Eating Crackers.

Kim: yea, but look at her flipping the pages and shit.
by fluffyacat December 16, 2015
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When you dislike someone so much that anything they do, no matter how minor or inoffensive, annoys you beyond any rational level - exemplified by the sentence "look at that bitch eating crackers like she owns the place".
"I can't help it she just drives me nuts, she's my Bitch Eating Crackers."
by pt732 June 26, 2018
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When you just feel bad in general and cannot pinpoint the source. You have no symptoms of sickness such as a runny nose or nausea, but you really feel terrible.
I'm afraid I won't be bushhogging the field today, Betty. I feel like death eating crackers.
by Playon September 4, 2006
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beautiful babes are exceptions to the rule. Hot chicks do not get tossed out of bed for eating crackers and leaving crumbs.
Kim is so hot she won't get toss for eating crackers
by Astral Brownie September 17, 2006
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