When you eat other people's food but you wouldnt have bought the food yourself
Hey Billy forget the second-hand smoke, your Second Hand Eating is gonna kill ya!
by Mr. Ian Bailey November 18, 2007
basically tsukishima is really hot and i kinda have a thing for hands so if im in a mood ill eat his hands
Me: damn look at tsukishimas hands they look like fries 😋😋
Yamaguchi: thats why my fav food is fries 😻😻
Me & Yamaguchi: tsukishima is hot i eat his hands
by TSUKKIYAMA May 20, 2021
Yeaaahh, me to
I hate it when a llama named carl stabs me 37 times I’m my chest and eats my hands Is one of the first sentence ideas that comes up when you search for i hate it when, in google
by Dragonhuntrrr March 5, 2021
Nickname for some one who gets a lot of pussy and always eats out, usually leaves condoms in his car and always has sex in his car.
Eat hand get so much pussy in his car
by Jsnsbsns December 18, 2020