4 definitions by Mr. Ian Bailey

The process by which a man picks out the hottest girl in a group of girls, thereby 'selecting' her for mating and preserving her superior genes
How'd you find that hottie, Jim?

Easy, I just used good old fashion Natural Selection to zoom in on her!
by Mr. Ian Bailey November 18, 2007
Cool; trendy in a non-poser way.
These colorful fidget spinners are on beat
by Mr. Ian Bailey June 20, 2017
To delve into or attack something voraciously
I pounded the entire first season of 24 last night, I'm so feakin tired!


I pounded that steak straight off the Bar-B-Q
I pounded my cousin after he wouldn't shut up during my favorite movie
by Mr. Ian Bailey October 6, 2007
When you eat other people's food but you wouldnt have bought the food yourself
Hey Billy forget the second-hand smoke, your Second Hand Eating is gonna kill ya!
by Mr. Ian Bailey November 18, 2007