The act of masturbation.

Comes from joke about typing with one hand while eating food, and joking about masturbating.
Man I really want to eat some chips, got morning wood.
by Ushi April 9, 2005
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To taste the most delicious thing on earth, mary jay.
Yo b. want to come kick it with us tonight...we're eating chips.
by instantkarm4 July 4, 2009
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the retard who posts definitions on urban dictionary such as:

see wordwordword

is a dumbfucker who must have been raised feeding on paint chips containing lead his whole life
see wordget a clue you retarded assfuckerword
by you dickfucker October 21, 2004
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from Roger's Profanisorus, Viz.

a style of fellatio; an exuberant blowjob
...and there was Vera, on her knees, at his cock like a dog eating hot chips...
by barn March 9, 2005
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when someone wants to kill you but cant due to it being against the law, so they make you suffer the most they can
person 1: i think that PBS Kids isnt that good--

person 2: go commit eat tortilla chip vertically
by life is pain enjoyer January 26, 2023
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