this is a quy that any qurl would chase down and love to call him hers and he would always fiqht for his qurl rather it was between life or death ; and is very sweet yet sensitive and the hair color is usually a dark brown and he is TALL thin sexy quy .... and they are RARELY found unatractive and has very dreamy eyes ....
damn is that landan yours i would tap that any day <3
by T.R.J January 02, 2010
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At first the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. Nice, great smile, and overall adorable. You'll start as friends but soon Landan will start flirting with you. Asking about you to others, touching you, holding eye contact with you, and just laughs at everything you say. But once you confront him about these feelings and tell him that you feel the same he will reject you, but will then flirt with you even more than before. Leaving you to think your insane even though everyone else sees the same thing you do.
"I think he's flirting with you"
"Nah he's just being a Landan"
by heartdestroyer911 August 12, 2016
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