Flat Earth Society (Fervent Lunatics Allergic To Evidence And Rational THought) is a social group sharing an antiquated belief that the Earth's shape is a plane or disk. Known as flat earthers (FE), they accuse NASA and other space agencies of faking the images of Earth as seen from space, as well as every other space project, in an attempt to undermine the Word of God and to siphon government money for nefarious black projects. Anyone opposing their views or presenting evidence of a spherical Earth is deemed a government shill, disinformation agent, or sheeple.
1) "The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe!"

2) - "Scimandan? More like,

NOscimandan or SaTanDan, right?"

- "Bro, do you need to be really bad at

wordplay to become a member of

the Flat Earth Society?"

- "Shill!"
by UhtredsonofUthred March 03, 2019
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When someone really doesn't care what you're talking about, so they decide to not listen AT ALL WHATSOEVER, THEN THEY SAY, "Who on earth cares?" and then just stomp away.
"Hey, do you know what a magnetic field is?"
"Who on earth cares?!?!" *Stomps away*
by Spark the girl April 12, 2018
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The type of guy that your girlfriend dated before you. You know the type. Same height as her, wears jeans tighter than she does, probably has a perm. Overall just a huge doucher.
by GonzoBiggDogg December 09, 2019
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