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A person who thinks he is cool and hard but in reality he is not the best at games and is a chunky monkey. He thinks he is funny but people laugh at his jokes to make him feel better. He also think he can be friends with everyone but gets on your nerves half the time.
Yea I was hanging out last night with Johnson, he is such an Earron
by Sapnappuyyyy April 12, 2021
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A man who loves hobbits more than anything else in the world. While he says that short people frighten him, he secretly wishes that he were one of the short folk who lives in a hobbit hill. Earrons love to wear capes and skip around joyfully when no one is looking. Around humans, they act tough and no-nonsense, but when they are alone their inner-hobbit comes out.
Frodo: "Where is Earron?"
Sam: "He forgot his cape and missed the ferry."
by TheTrueBoyWonder September 26, 2013
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