Acronym for "End of Day" used by colleagues of office spaces to conclude their day. A typical EOD should be initiated half an hour before the end of the workday. Preferably an EOD is initiated using an online messenger service such as MSN or Gtalk.

EOD is often extended using parentheses and/or semicolon "EOD();", indicating the use of a method in programming languages.

EOD is the counterpart of a BOD (Beginning Of Day)
Renji: EOD()!
@: Woo, work almost done!!
Whacko: yay :D
Ollie: almost going home! YES!
by iWhacko December 17, 2007
Explosive Ordinance Disposal: The military bomb squad responsable for removing and destroying munitions and other explosive, biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons.
We have an IED (improvised explosive device) call in the EOD guys!!!
by pyroteksmiley April 7, 2006
Short for End Of Discussion. Used (on usenet) to indicate that, as far as you are concerned, the discussion is over.
For the last time: the sun is yellow, not red. EOD.
by Peter March 11, 2005
End Of Discussion

Used to stop a Discussion in a forum or website
MAN1 Blacks are Cool
MAN2Whites are Better
An abbreviation for Esoteric Order of Dagon. The primary religion in Innsmouth. A cult with beliefs grounded by the Deep Ones; in the name of which members have sacrificed many locals. Among their practices, Interbreeding between the human and amphibian species was encourage; and promises of precious gold artifacts and restoration of the depleted fisheries. Which brought renewed if temporary prosperity to the local community.
The EOD's eschatology centers on a return of its followers to the water world, accompanied by gradual bodily transformation and an eternal life.
by D0ntPan1c September 20, 2019
(abbrev.)East of Dequindre, a road that divides Macomb and Oakland County in Suburban Detroit. Everything EOD is a bit shady.
Hey man, she's nice and all, but I dont date chicks EOD.

I think Im gonna pass on that party man, its EOD.
by Wes Bloomfield May 13, 2005