1. A discrete way of saying "Extremely Delightful Orgasm"

2. An "Extremely Delightful Organism" who often provides EDO (see definition above)

Pronunciation: "E-do"
1. Boyfriend: "What did you do last night when I was away"

Girlfriend: "I had an EDO last night"

Boyfriend: "Oh I've never had that, was it good?"

Girlfriend: "It was great!"

2. Girl 1: "I went home with a really hot guy last night"

Girl 2: "Who?"

Girl 1: "Let's just call him EDO"

Girl 2: "Wow, that good?"
by Doctor Yossarian July 24, 2012
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The japanese nickname of the protagonist, Edward Elric, in the Anime Full Metal Alchemist.
by VeRonnie August 23, 2006
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The old name of Tokyo, Japan. Also a river.
Have you seen the Edo-gawa in Japan?
by Anoymous June 27, 2003
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a small, hotheaded creature that searches for the philosopher stone and strongly reacts to being called...
shrimp. little bean, short/ie. etc.
these words are some of the words edo's reast badly to.
by squirrel of the edo elerick!!!!! September 17, 2006
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Example 1: a short man/boy, with an enormous penis....pertaining to the japanese tv show.

Example 2: Also another word for the city of Tokyo Japan in ancient times.

Example 3: When said eddy a inwards part of a river
example 1:
guy 1:look at that edo
guy 2: where i don't see him he's so short

guy 1: yah but look at the huge bulge in his pants!

both: god what a dick!!!

example 2:

guy 1: my great grandparents lived in edo
guy 2:wheres that??
guy 1: another word for tokyo

example 3:

guy 1 and 3: watch out! head for that eddy!
guy 2: ok hold on!
by damnfly March 3, 2010
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An Armenian way of saying Edward, Eddy and so on. They tend to be very knowledgeable and tend to give the best advice. They are very caring and have great taste in things.
Armenin #1:Aper Edo told me something about a benzo the other day is it true

Armenian#2: ha aper Edo was right
by JohnFrm714 October 15, 2011
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Someone of Irish nationality whose hair turns ginger in the sun. Also enjoys rugby, frolicking, and corny jokes. Generally resides at the Biltmore Estate or beyond.
An Edo found a pot of gold at the end of his rainbow.
by AWE March 15, 2008
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