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That's Evan Williams Bitch. hence for E as in Evan and Dub for Williams.
i drink e-dub all motherfuckin day and i don't give a fuck.
by THE SCURVE January 10, 2009
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Slang term for Electric Wind God Fist, a popular and powerful move in the Tekken series, usually used by Mishima characters (Kazuya, Heihachi, Devil Jin). Derived from the abbreviation EWGF ("EE-DUB-ul-yuu-jee-eff").
I can't believe that E-dub just beat my jab!
by Dandy J June 07, 2006
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Short for the extra cheap, yet extremely effective whiskey called Evan Williams
Person 1: Hey! What we drinkin' tonight?!
Person 2: All I got is E-Dub.
Person 1: FUCK!
by Farmar McGregor January 27, 2011
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a rolie polie second basemen with no god givin talent and willingly sucks black cock and swallows and like to go by sperm dumpster
that kid playing second base is such an e-dub i think he should lose some wieght or something.
by lee runions April 11, 2008
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The name of a prolific Gangsta Crew which took up residence 'on the block' near Edworthy park (Hence the name "E-Dub")in a neighbourhood called Wildwood in South Central Alberta, Canada. The Crew was notorius for getting high and hanging out at Mac's convenience store, as well as, for it's refined taste in Rap Music. The Crew disbanded in late 2005. The glue that held the crew together, (commonly known as "rap Juice" or "Gangsta Glue"), began to fade. Many members have now relocated and can now be found all over Western Canada, while some members are still 'holdin' it Down' South Central Alberta (namely: Magic Mike).
"E-Dub is the motherfuckin' shit!", "E-Dub got that Rap Juice Yo!" , "Whoeva fuck wit E-Dub, Be fuckin' wif some REEAL Shiit"
by Little Ray Ray Body Guard August 27, 2013
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Slang for " Ew " . A hood term used when referring to a lame ass nigga and/or bitch. Originated in The Dorchester section of Boston, Ma.

yooo why you fuckin wit dat nigga mally? He's a fuckin e dub"
by SideNiggaNation January 09, 2016
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An abbreviation for EW (Electronic Warfare), an Air Force specialty that involves jamming enemy aircraft and ground tracking radar systems, and denying heat-seeking capability and radar lock-on to enemy ground-to-air and air-to-air missiles. Formerly known as ECM, or Electronic Countermeasures.
I got a sneakin suspicion that if it weren't for our E-Dub troops, that last bombing mission wouldn't have ended so well.
by JunkyardECM August 01, 2009
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