Ecstasy on deck
When you're dealer got E on D
"Yo bro you know I got E on D"
by FuckDaPoliceN.W.A May 4, 2017
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acronym for 'eat a dick.'
especially useful when emailing on corporate accounts that scan for inappropriate language.
also time-saving.
Hannah: Erika, you suck at Scrabble.
Erika: Hannah you need to E A D.
by Hannah111 March 24, 2008
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E. A. D. is an Acronym for "eat a dick."
I was in traffic and the car next to me was honking, trying to get infromt of me, so I told him to "E. A. D."
by Rob R. December 2, 2006
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Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shae Haley's alternative rock band formed in 2001.
N*E*R*D stands for No-one Ever Really Dies
everyone nose is the hottest shit from N*E*R*D in a hot minute
by Suspect {MGM Kr3W} July 25, 2008
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N*E*R*D* stands for No-one Ever Really Dies. Pharrell and Chad of producing duo The Neptunes and their friend Shae Haley are the members
by Notorious*~*BITCH April 17, 2006
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R&B type group with a great producer (pharell). N.E.R.D stands for No-one, Ever, Really, Dies.
by Miss. Tay July 12, 2005
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the neptunes

the best production team of (n.e.r.d.), of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shae

produced countless #1 hits
by randy [blur] robbins June 27, 2004
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