the sound an ambulance makes as it leaves your neighborhood.
The ambulance carrying my cousin went E-e-E-e-EE-e as it sped through the night. It's too bad he's in a chair now.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 15, 2005
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That name is the most common rap name of 2018. For example, FEFE, ZEZE.
Here are the *E*E song names:

6ix9ine: FEFE, BEBE, KEKE
Kodak Black: ZEZE
Michael Jackson: HEHE
R. Kelly: PEPE
Bobby Shmurda: FREEME
by Bobby is cringe lol November 23, 2018
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"Escape and Evasion"

A term used mostly by the military. Meaning: To get away from the badguys, and hide.
Those gangmembers thought that *I* was the one who took their drugs! They came after me, and I had to go into E&E mode...
by Whind Soull May 13, 2005
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Way to heaven The act of Speeding up time to the point that it resets the universe to the "Singularity Point" or where the New Universe starts The way to get H E A V E N is by having Dio's Diary Reading it will give u the way to heaven but u need to memorize 11 phrases after memorizing Find the green baby say the 11 phrases and this will merge with your stand to make C Moon go to north latitude 28 degrees and 24 Minutes West longitude 80 Degrees 36 minutes And wait for the New Moon That is when H E A V E N will come
Chad 1 This is M A D E I N H E A V E N" speeds"
by jojo guy August 23, 2021
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It is a smiley. the 'e' are the eyes, and the ',' is the mouth. it can represent anticipation, surprise and amusement ect. A similar smiley that can be used instead: e.e
User 1: Lol, you just said that you were a noob.

User 2: I lied e,e

User 1: Damn!, you had me there.
by glustora October 14, 2011
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An emoticon suspecting something fishy or suspicious. The two 'e's are meant to be squinted eyes and the dash (-) a mouth. Often used when texting or talking to someone online.
Person #1: psh i didnt do that why would you accuse me of that? :c
Person #2: Alright... I'm keeping my eyes on you e-e
by GiveMeBackMyName August 31, 2013
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