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I have dyscalculia and it's hard for me to do math.
Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability in mathematics.
People with never might not be able to do times tables and not know how to divide or do fractions and percentages. People with this Disorder/disability aren't stupid. Most people who have this are really good at English and language skills. People who have this usually can't read time on clocks.

To pronounce it you say "dis-cal-cew-lee-ah". When a person has dyscalculia, you say that they are "dyscalculic" - "dis-cal-cew-leek".
Person 1: What is the square root of 50?
Person 2: Ummm I don't know.
Person 1: How about the time what it is?
Person 2 looks at clock,: Umm 3:09?
Person 1 checks watch, Time is really 9:03
Person 1: Dude I think you have Dyscalculia.
by RiuChan July 02, 2012
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It's when numbers are so confusing that, in some cases, one cannot even read a watch. The numerical version of dyslexia.
Person 1: What time is it?


(It's really 12:51.)

Person 1: OMG! You have dyscalculia!
by DontGetMath7 February 10, 2012
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A made up "disability" that people use as an excuse when they are inept at math.
You: 2 + 2 = 5
Me: That's incorrect
You: Sorry, I have dyscalculia.
Me: Bullshit
by sar86 August 13, 2016
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