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Pronounced "Duh-ved"
Dyfed the place:
An old county in South West Wales that was split up into the places now known as; Pembrokeshire, Cerdigion and Carmarthenshire

Dyfed can also be a name but typically has no meaning behind it, many people associate it with smell, but this is a mistake
Rhys: "Hi my name is Rhys, what's yours?"
Dyfed: "My name is Dyfed"
by B0ne May 12, 2018
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Promounced: 'Duh-ved'.

- A preserved county in South West Wales.
- An unpleasant and undesirable smell that lingers.
- A person that out stays their welcome.
- A person that is occasionally funny but often crude.
- You're in Dyfed, West Wales.
- *Sniff, sniff*, Dyfed?
- You've been here for days(!) You're turning into a Dyfed.
- 'Ah-haa!' - Just something unnecessary.
by TCC - 2011 February 02, 2011
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