The "dancing" walking action the American Woodcock utilizes to find food.
I wish I could dwap like that American Woodcock in the gif! How do they move like that?!
by theskyisnotblue November 29, 2021
Dating with a plan
If you want this relationship to work, you'll need to try dwap.
by sehort May 12, 2020
Iemand die weinig nadenkt bij zijn acties of dingen op een dwaze manier doet.
Ge zijt een echte dwap.
by Dipshid October 19, 2020
Dating with a plan
DWAP - Dating with a plan
by W2W student May 12, 2020
To slap or smack someone or something with your penis.
Hey Chris, did you see what that goofball just did to me? He just dwapped my face!
by .Gypsy. November 14, 2009
Dancing with a Pen: a fantastic program that only lasts a few days for the solely gifted with paper and ink but makes memories and friends that will last a lifetime.
reminiscing freshman: Alfonso was a cool guy at DWAP.
guy: Dwap?
rf: Writing with a Pen. He also hated being called Alfonso.
by Forsythia+Rain August 6, 2009
DWAP stands for Dan With A Plan, the super cool Hungarian Youtuber .
Suscribe to DWAP(Dan With A Plan)
by MetalMilitia4 April 9, 2019