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A sexual act, when a lover farts in another lovers mouth while ejaculating on their chest. Also know as the Dutch Apple mustache ride
"Hey baby, you mind if I add a Dutch apple to this face ride?"
by Dr JBR February 06, 2010
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this can be done by anyone as long as it involves two people, u start by inserting the index finger into the bumhole, work in your middle finger and so on with the ring and little finger, then the thumb gets involved, so u have to pyramid your hand to get the thumb in, once in the hand has to be forced past the threshold and once inside a fist is to be made, once your fist is form and turned into uppercut position, this is your apple, then with your other arm wrap it around their waist and pick them up, then thrust them with your apple untill they scream, what makes this dutch is u have a schmoke and a pancake afterwards
dutch apple dutch apple
by harris87 February 03, 2011
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To fart in someone's face while they're teabagging you.
He's such a nasty guy. He actually Dutch appled me while I was going down on him!
by Gdawg15 July 07, 2015
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