When someone short buys jeans that are too long for them, the opposite of high waters
Took at you in your dustpans
by Wow_imnot_okay May 1, 2022
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A sex act in which the dude cums on his partner's stomach or the small of their back, then cleans his yield by sweeping it away with his scrotum. When two dudes do it's called pushbrooming.
Panicking for fear of accidentally conceiving, Josh pulled out and finished on Sheila's belly, dustpanning the main volley away from her vitals.
by Front_End December 28, 2011
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To sweep up and throw out with the trash.
Guy gets dumped by his girlfriend tells his friend "Dude, she totally dustpanned me".

"Dude, you got dustpanned!"
by MommaChocoLatte January 31, 2009
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Noun. The host of a party who can't stop cleaning up after his guests for one single moment to just chillax. Like a dustpan following just behind a broom to collect the dust. Also: "dustpanning"; "to follow LIKE a dustpan"; "to follow WITH a dustpan"
Ned: I thought the party was cool, but every time I started eating the nachos, Ben kept following me like a dustpan.
Steve: Straight up. Ben's usually chill, but last night he was a total dustpan.
by Jenn Frank September 9, 2005
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a raging insult used when an individual has made an idiot of themselves or been "owned". spoken with the motion of the left hand covering the mouth in a fist and the right hand flat with the palm in the air doing a motion simulating that of an actual dustpan. see the following dialogue:
jill: "i just don't have my best stuff tonight"
jack: "neither did your mother last night!"
everybody else around:"DUSTPAAAAAN"
by chris January 14, 2005
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guy that gets with ugly girls.

for every flower there comes the dirt...
the dustpan man is essential for cleaning up the ugly and keeping the party going. so that we as males can continue pollinating the world.

"taking one for the team" but really just likes to get it in
"I'm so glad you brought you roommate over, this one squish faced chick kept trying to cock block me. Then the dustpan came and scooped her up, leaving me to pollinate with that sexy slut all night."

"Yea, he's the best. We're still giving him shit though."

"Oh, God Yea! I could of stuck her face into a gum ball machine it was so flat."
by rhonehead September 22, 2011
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When you and your girlfriend have been travelling through Australia and sand and dust gets into your girls vagina so during sex you have to shake her legs to get the dust out.
I had so much dust in me, luckily Nic gave me an Australian Dustpan
by Attractiveseal November 24, 2015
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