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A Dustin is alluring, wise, and adventurous. They have a lot of charisma and wit which makes them irresistible. They have the most beautiful tattoos and are great artist. Somethings they are quite selfish and unforgiving which makes them difficult to love at times. The most attractive ones go by Dusty.
Me:"I'm going out with Dustin tonight!"
Friend: "who's Dustin?"
Me:"The man I'm going to marry"
by Teal11 September 16, 2017
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A guy who is way to cocky and thinks way to highly of himself. A guy who is afraid to commit to the one girl who has never let him down, even though he said he regrets not being with her. A guy who will tell you he feels one way and then the next day he will change his mind. This guy is also a complete smart ass and can be a dick. A guy who will regret ever letting a certain girl out of his life because he wanted another person.

A guy who could be great, but holds himself back.
Wow, that guy did that to her? He has to be a Dustin.
by yourfaceishilarious September 02, 2010
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:to take a sharp blade, such as a pocket knife, and stab ones self dirently above the knee, preferably up to the hilt.

Dustining is a self defence move designed to stop anyone from attacking you with the knife.

After dustining, the dustinee will try to calm everyone down by moving both hands in a repeating downward motion, arms stretched, palms down and with fingers spread.
"Don't come near or I'll dustin!"

"OH MY GOD! He totally just dustined!"
by J. Robinson April 28, 2009
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dustin is the most a$$hole of a guy you will ever meet. he knows how to piss you off and will call his girlfriend a b*tch for no apparent reason. he isnt cute at all... but will eff a girl up when he gets the chance! he really need to shut the eff up every once in a while and look at what he has done! and then he will truely know why he has no real friends!
his gf: way to go! smart one (: haha.
dustin: shut up bitch!
by kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. October 26, 2011
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