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Duska is a majestic person. Her laugh and sense of humor draws people in and makes them want to know her. She's beautiful on the inside and out, and one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She's the best friend you wish you had. And will stand by anyone's side when they need her.

Don't get it twisted though, Duska has a mean streak and can and will raise hell when she has to, her temper is that of a lion, and she will tear your head off if you choose to mess with her or anyone she loves. Choose wisely when choosing a fight with her.
Duska is beautiful and I should never mess with her or I'll get my a$% kicked.
by SaracsticMe02 January 18, 2017
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Comes from Bulgaria and means board . Can be just wood board, but can be also snowboard, skateboard or surf. It's prounanced {daska}
Geve me you duska to show you something
by Ico Panayotov June 02, 2006
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Pronounced DOOOSHKA like DOUCHE (you know what that means don't you? Haha) douche bag? Yes thats her.

She is psychotic. She hates her life. She was never pretty but now she is fat as well
I saw Duska - she really should have used a douche bag instead of behaving like one.
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by Duska02 September 07, 2016
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