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A Dungarvaner is defined as a local yokel who appears inebriated commonly. Dungarvaners find it very mentally challenging in pronouncing words and applying political correctness. Their vocabulary and spelling grammar is extremely deficient. Their inappropriate preconceived opinions of clean bloodlines are of xenophobic disposition, including arbitrary irrational and lacking any sign of empathy. They tend to jeer and scoff at those who remain misfortunate. Dungarvaners are narcissistic, slanderous, highly influential to other inbred villages and are contagious since they spread the deadly curse of ethnocentrism (up the deise). Their euphemisms tend to be somewhat backward and not to mention their jokes are terrible as the jokes are always aimed at each other’s weakness and expense. They regularly compete with each other financially by purchasing valuable merchandise and holiday trips despite the fact they can ill afford it. The definition of Dungarvaner is exemplified below in direct speech.
‘Why are you making fun of my disability? Stop being a Dungarvaner’
‘All it took was a Dungarvaner to stir up the shit’
‘My pit-bull terrier has the face of a Dungarvaner’
‘A Dungarvaner will always discredit your talent’
by J_Charles January 19, 2015
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