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The sound between scenes in Law and Order. The expression originated when 4chan changed the "Post Successful" page and font to look like the Law and Order black screen between scenes. The page played the sound, "Dun Dun," from Law and Order. 4chan /b/tards began to post the expression, "Dun Dun," anywhere to import a sense of finality or just randomly.
by KingfishRex May 25, 2010
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When a person can't get himself to talk about a certain ongoing subject (normally on chatrooms) and is put in a awkward situation, where some might expect a reaction from him and he goes,

"dun dun."

It comes from "so done with this". Usually related with Otaku culture for some reason.
Person 1: I just raped this bitch so fucking good, i swear i did.

Person 2: Hahaha so funny!

Person 3. o.o.. dun dun
by TheWanAndOnly December 19, 2013
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A mexician whine. Comes from "uh uh", but in spanish, and annoying.
Gordito: Hey, make me some tacos.
Jon: Dun dun!
by ZONE March 13, 2005
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pronounced (doon-doon);

doing the dirty; making babies;
the act of performing inappropriate stuff aka sex

just another way to say sex without saying sex
"Did you hear that? He and his girlfriend are dun dun-ing each other..."

"There are too many dun dun scenes in (insert show/movie), I had to turn away to preserve my innocence."
by Bear_CO May 30, 2018
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