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A very 'special' curvy black girl. has a mind of her own.
very flirty, likes to flirt a lot. is obsessed with boys. likes shaking her booty. She is what some people would call a double chocolate oreo. Makes sure her hair is always over her right shoulder. loves food.
Girl 1: (eating food decides to put it back)

Dumsi: Are you going to finish that?

Girl 1: yeah...i'm saving it for later.
Dumsi: (evil glare)

Dumsi: (says hi to boy)

Boy: (ignores)

by hnecm November 12, 2010
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Gorgeous girl who has a very outgoing attitude who may come off as too much of a spark at first, but you soon realize she loves to love and wants to be loved. Has a great sense of humor. She is very stubborn and doesn't like to be wrong. Can be boy crazy and a flirt, but knows her standards. Lets things get to her easily. Trusts too many people, needs to learn how to keep her trust group to a minimum. Loves to sing, dance, play sports. Obsessed with the word "literally". Also needs to learn to appreciate the people she has around her...
by JBVS April 06, 2013
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