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To fire a gun ( usually fully automatic ) not at an exact target, but in it's general direction. To fire a gun in one direction without concern of what the bullets hit.

The slang for this word probably comes from the fact that there are several empty shells left on the ground afterwords.
Dat nigga came round dat corna straight dumpin' on the block.
by King_Ken November 20, 2009
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'Ya wanna come steppin', then I have to see ya. leave you open and burnin' like a case of ghoneria. from some ol' dirty bitch that you's was humpin',and pumpin' like my gauge bitch-ass,we dumpin'!
by Trebek September 10, 2003
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1. To express how loud something is or can be.

2. To shoot at someone or something.
1. Yo dog, ya sound system is dumpin!
1.a If you had some subwoofers, ya shit 'll be dumpin.

2. Last night, the cops started dumpin on this nigga from uptown.
2.a Im bout to pull out my nine and start dumpin on these marks.
by Leezy October 05, 2006
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Another word for saying, "you got owned" or "get owned." Commonly used in online gaming, arguments, and sports. Can be used in any tense
That movie was not historically accurate, dumpin!
Get dumped on noob!
by beantown47 November 19, 2010
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it means like you are doing way better than your competion wether its dancing clothing basketball etc we was in the club last night we was dumpin on all them niggaz

2.ay dog my swag is dumpin all over your swag
by beezy da dopeboy August 17, 2009
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Cool; Amazing and Engrossing

Derived from a toddler boy playing with dumptrucks.
Did you see that Elected show? Those guys were dumpin!
by TreSemme November 02, 2004
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