5 definitions by Leezy

1. The act of interfering with anothers attempts to gratify themselves. Usualy sexualy, but does not have to be.

2. Hatin. Being a Hater. Interupting ones advances upon another individual.
1. Yo, I tried to fuck Keshia but her sister was cockblockin by staying in the room with us.

2. Im tryna get my freak on with this chick in the club, but the bouncer keeps cockblockin.
by Leezy October 09, 2006
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1. The act of shinin, taken to the extreme.
Being more flashier and cocky then bling bling.

Something that is shiny can be considered bling bling, but it is usualy jewelry that is bling bling.
1. Yo shit go bling bling, my shit go bling blao!
by Leezy October 05, 2006
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1. Acting out of character. Not being yourself. Doing somthing that would be considered unorthodox.

2. Cockblocking. Not letting one(s) be themself.

3. Doing something someone else does not like.
1. Yo, you drawlin comin to church high.

2. Bull wont let us in the party- he drawlin.

3. My grandmom drawlin puttin me on punishment.

by Leezy October 09, 2006
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1. To express how loud something is or can be.

2. To shoot at someone or something.
1. Yo dog, ya sound system is dumpin!
1.a If you had some subwoofers, ya shit 'll be dumpin.

2. Last night, the cops started dumpin on this nigga from uptown.
2.a Im bout to pull out my nine and start dumpin on these marks.
by Leezy October 05, 2006
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A male or female that is unatractive.
Generally people from Philly will use this term.
1. Yo dog, shawty is the wait.
by Leezy October 05, 2006
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