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A fuck up that rises to the wizarding level.
He bitched about his job on Facebook but forgot his boss was a friend. What a dumbledork!
by dagda825 December 29, 2015
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Combination of Albus Dumbledore the character from the Harry Potter books and the word "dork". Used to describe an individual with an unhealthy knowledge of the works of JK Rowling.
Gosh Ralph, I cannot wait to get the final Harry Potter book!

Dude, Harry Potter is gay.

Far from it friend! Cho Chang becomes Harry's girlfriend in Order of the Phoenix, and he develops feelings for Ginny Weasley in the Half-Blood Prince, so not gay at all!

by PappyDW June 06, 2007
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a person with wrinkles and an enormous nose. they like chemistry, but are failing PE.
You dumbledork!
by poniterd February 19, 2009
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