Dumbbell is called when a person that you're partnered is dumb and possibly weighting down on your project

Normally used in Group School Projects and etc.
The person i'm partnered with doesn't even help me at the project and makes it harder for me, they're such a Dumbbell
by HotgiggityDog May 11, 2022
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someone who denies they like pot and bums around all the time with nothing else better to do.
"I'm a dumbbell, I've watched anime all day."
by s**g October 22, 2008
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having no knowledge or purpose, doesn't contribute much of work.
"You never seem to be useful, just a dumbbell in our thesis group!"
"You're a dumbbell!"
by LinkedIdea February 29, 2020
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The act of two males standing back to back with a dildo in eachothers assholes. Similar to scissoring but in a homosexual way. If u look closely it looks like a dumbbell ready to hold by the handle and lift up over ur head and rip those gays a new one.
Today I saw my daddy and my other daddy doing the dumbbell in my bedroom with my sissy dildo.
by Dumbbell December 16, 2014
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The douchebags in the gym who hog multiple sets of dumbbells without racking them up for long periods of time.
Swole guy 1: "yo that douche has two 55's, two 60's, and two 65's. How am I gonna do my incline press"
Swole guy 2: "What a fucking dumbbell hogger"
Swole guy 3: "Fuck this, I'm doing crossfit."
by Football, money and ladies October 21, 2016
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I couldn't stop laughing long enough to finish my set, the guy on the next machine was having dumbbell sex.
by jmusc February 4, 2010
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When you jack off really hard that your tip of your dick looks abnormally huge.
Damn, look at Sami! He has a dumbbell dick! Haha!
by xD4k June 27, 2016
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