A hip slang word for “cool”, “the shit”, or “tight as fuck
Friend 1: “That is so cool!”
Friend 2: “True! That’s so Duly

Friend: “Are you subscribed to the Duly Channel
by SkinnyP135 March 02, 2018
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A person who holds more than one citizenship or passport. A dual citizen.
Jacob decided to give up his american citizenship once he realized that he'd have to pay more taxes because he was a dulie.
by Semi-Lucent April 06, 2016
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a sri Lankan man with a small penis. black, annoying, says things when he doesnt know what hes talking about, awkward, stutter and a member of lgbtq
and owns an Infiniti g35 coupe.
"Did you hear about dulie, his car is so cool!"
by dulunja123 January 08, 2020
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1) A phrase which communicates that you understand and that you will give a person's advice, observation or perspective, proper consideration
2) That you will take note of the information for later consideration/use
"John, your report may need to mention the affect of tides on fish life cycles."

"Duly noted Laura. I might discuss with Steve later whether it can be added given the time constraints"
by Diction+ November 06, 2014
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"Kim I love your shirt, but it looks a little small on you."
"Duly noted."
by Mikus47 June 29, 2008
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