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Duk is similar in versatility to the f-word. it can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, or adverb. Duk's meaning has become tied solely to its usage, it can be both positive and negative, depending on the situation and usage. most common usage is to declare one's victory.
"look at that duk"(negative)
"you just duked the hell out of that guy"(positive)
"DUK DUK DUK"(victory chant)
by Analogorithm March 24, 2010
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1. A foreigner who passes the CPA exam and makes one of the top 10 scores in her sitting even though she speaks incredibly poor English
2. Someone who shoves people out of her way without apologizing
3. No rike cheese
Duk pounded down the hall, cheese dripping off her face despite the fact that she said she didn't like cheese.
by Cindy July 29, 2004
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Short for Dukkar in hindi or Marathi Meaning a pig.Sounds kinda classy and gets the feelings out.
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duk whom is going, duk in transit, duk in motion, duk on route, duk2go
by Sukhoi August 01, 2003
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the sound Ogres in Warcraft 2 make when they beat something/-one
<click on Ogre>
Ogre: Huh?
<Sends to other unit to attack it>
Ogre: Yes master
<Unit dies>
by El Mejor October 19, 2007
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v.word from korean word, Odukhu.
Oduku means same as Otaku.

to keep talking about something nobody but otaku care, buy $500 action figures, record every single episod of buffy the vampire, or masturbate with whatever otaku loves(maybe just gets horny)
me:how was your blind date, m8?

mate:awful! she was a freak! she kept duking about some fucking homo boy bands!

me:what a duk-duk bitch.

by navar February 12, 2008
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The biggest asshole you will EVER encounter.
Tells you he loves you then dumps you the next day.
AFTER he dumps you, he will NEVER stop texting or talking to you, just to make you mad, and calling you "Shnookums", "Babe", "Baby", Or other terms of endearment to piss you off.
Will laugh at you misery, then text you in apology.
All he cares about is baseball, his "bros', acting black (HE IS SOOO WHITE.), and his dog Shooter. Country boy much?
Whats the similarity between Duk's mouth and an asshole?
Girl 1:"Eww whos that asshole playing baseball over there?"
Girl 2:"Oh, thats Duk."
by LAR1122 May 12, 2009
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